About Us

We’re giving everyone on Earth the power to manufacture.

This business began as a family fueled obsession with racing drones and 3D printing. We started out with only a Taz 6 printer, printing parts for our brother’s racing drone company Catalyst Machine Works. Now, we have eighteen Prusa i3 MK2/Mk3 printers manufacturing gun parts for Patriot Defense, marketing material for CDM Resource Management, and the list goes on. We have also added two Rostock Max V3’s, and one Gmax 1.5XT+ to handle printing large prosthetics for Supertech.

Much of our experience has been printing TPU (Semiflex, Cheetah, Sainsmart, Armadillo, etc.) and other flexible materials. We also work with PLA, PETG, Nylon, Carbon Fiber filaments, and much more.

Our superior customer service, print quality, and turnaround time keep folks coming back to Smoldy3D. We walk our customers through preparing designs for printing, and we ensure a functional and successful product every time! We even provide 24/7 live streaming web cams for each of our printers, so our customers can watch their prints in progress.

Smoldy3D stands on customer service and quality and we’re ready to help you succeed with your product.

  • John Whiteley – Hobo (Owner/President)
  • Meghan Whiteley – Moodle (Coowner/Billing/Admin)
  • Jesse Pendergrass – Roo (IT/Automation/Compunaut)
  • Robert Contreras – Bobby (Apprentice Printer Tech/Marketing/Sales)