Fleet Automation

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As Smoldy3D grew our fleet of printers, one thing became apparent. We needed a more efficient way to run multiple printers than using SD cards to load files and print orders. We introduced Octoprint using Raspberry Pi’s to handle printer control. But even then, running 8 printers became a time consuming and inefficient process. That is when I employed the help of my brother-in-law. He is a badass IT professional with years of experience designing and creating systems in the technical world. After 2 years of development, we have created a business within our business; COMPUNAUT. This is a system designed internally from the ground up that has given us the ability to control anything from a single printer, to 100’s of printers with the click of a button. From preheating, loading and unloading filament, batch printing with multiple files and multiple printers, and much more, all with the push of a button! Now a single printer technician can control the entire Smoldy3D fleet with ease and proficiency. This is still a technology under development and we will release more information as time permits.