The materials we use.

PLA(Polylactic Acid) is the most popular material used in FDM 3D printing. It comes in all colors, shades, styles, and compositions, making it great for a wide range of application. Most of all, PLA prints very accurately and results in a very aesthetic finish. We at Smoldy3D use it mostly for prototyping, figurines, decorative, and marketing material prints.
PETG(Polyethylene terephthalate) is a great alternative to PLA when you need more durability, ductility, heat resistance, impact resistance, and chemical resistance. PETG can also be found in a large assortment of colors, including transparent
Nylon is perfect when you need a part that is extremely strong. Nylon has a very low co-efficient of friction, high melting point, medium ductility, and due to it’s hygroscopic nature, can be dyed in hundreds of color variations using clothing/fabric dye.
TPU is our most popular filament here at Smoldy3D because of it’s flexibility and high layer adhesion, making the parts ductile and very durable. TPU is used for most of the drone parts we print. We offer TPU in 10 different colors.
Carbon Fiber Nylon is our new favorite filament addition. You get all the benefits of nylon, but add more rigidity with the chopped carbon fiber mixed in. We are finding tons of applications where this filament shines! It works great for gun parts such as pistol grips, picatinny attachments, and more. We are even printing prosthetics in this material with great results.
Wood PLA this is an awesome filament that feels like wood, stains like wood, sands like wood, and even smells like wood.
Specialty filaments are vast and include 100’s of variations these days. From glow in the dark, metallic, to conductive. Reach out to us with special requests and we will accommodate your needs.